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In 2016 the La Romita School of Art celebrates its fiftieth anniversary.  La Romita has hosted countless University study abroad programs along with our plein-air painting workshops and retreats for poetry, music, print-making, architecture, and art history.  A half-century of expertise guarantees a trouble-free cultural and educational experience.


Our exquisitely renovated sixteenth century Capuchin monastery sits in an ancient olive grove in southern Umbria, an hour north of Rome.


The four acre complex is surrounded by the original stone walls clinging to the hillsides in level coursing.


There are single and double occupancy rooms for up to 22 people.


The air-conditioned church, built in 1548 and used today as the painting and study center, features frescoed walls and epochal, religious oil paintings. 


There is also a printing studio and lounge areas with wi/fi. 


We have a 25 person bus service available at all hours.


Today’s kitchen and dining facilities are in the same area as those used by the Friars.  Our chefs prepare traditional Italian breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


The English speaking administration has expert knowledge of the cultural and historical treasures of the area and can help to tailor your program for the best, most immersive experience for your students or participants.


La Romita is a 501c3 non-profit educational institution in the United States and an ONLUS center for arts and education in Italy.


We have an ongoing collaboration with the Fine arts department of Ball State University and have hosted study abroad classes with University of New Mexico, Rockland College, University of Oregon, the Harvard Landscape Institute, Texas Tech, and others.

"There is a hidden jewel in Terni, Italy thriving alongside a pair of gems of international renown. This small industrial city an hour north of Rome is already revered as the home of Saint Valentine and its attendant heart-shaped iconography as well as the home of Italy’s largest waterfall, Cascata delle Marmore, a gorgeous and mind boggling feat of ancient Roman engineering. But…hidden in the hills above Terni’s thriving factories, La Romita School of Art is perhaps the only local institution better known in the United States than in Terni itself. For almost four decades, students from the US, Great Britain, Canada, and Australia have been coming to Terni to study fine arts and the bountiful artistic and cultural history of the local region, Umbria."

International Herald Tribune,
Sept. 20, 2002

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